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Testimonials – feedback and comments about Green Up Day

“In the spring of 1970 I was 10 years old on the first Green Up Day. My mother and I were volunteers on Vermont Route 12, north of Woodstock. I remember that my mother nervously placed herself between me and all the cars driving by. We collected trash from both sides of the road between what was Billings Farm and the Mt. Tom ski area, and from the bank of the Barnard Brook. Though volunteers in May are no longer responsible for that section of road I always feel my Green Up Day connection with it when I travel over it. The importance of what we did as Vermont citizens that day has informed my life and made me more environmentally conscious than I might otherwise have been. An inveterate trash-collector, my heart has never left Green Up Day but I moved to Norway from VT in 2006, so I proudly speak of the first Saturday in May to all interested Norwegians and do my best to “walk my environmental talk” here, too. You make a big difference in the world, thank you!” ~ Margaret M. Meg Anderson

“I really appreciated the free coffee from the Vermont Coffee Company. I threw in the donuts and it was a great way to start the morning. Also, good job on the advertising. The radio spots were frequent and I think it got the message out early! Great work ladies!” ~Reading town coordinator.

“I love hearing you on VPR. Thanks for all you do!” ~ Weathersfield town coordinator.

“Green Up Day is one of my favorite holidays. Hopefully this helps a little. Thank you for your work!” ~ a note from a Montpelier resident enclosed with her donation.

“I love Green Up Day and the message it gives to our children. Thank you for all you.” ~ Amy Clapp, teacher, Salisbury Community School

“There are many great Vermont organizations and causes that Vermonters can donate to when filing their taxes. For those who are able, I hope you’ll consider donating to one of these great causes.” ~ Governor Peter Shumlin in reference to Green Up Vermont being one of the four choices for charitable giving on the Vermont state income tax form.

“It is such a  brilliant idea because if you were to say to people, whenever you get a chance just go out and pick up the litter, no one would do it. But because it is a day of collective action, and you can see everybody with their green bags, it is really exciting because we are all doing it together. It’s about community building.” ~ Kathryn Blume

“Green Up Day is an excellent “teachable moment” for our children. In East Montpelier, kids play a big part in every Green Up day. Almost all the students at East Montpelier Elementary School clean the school grounds or nearby roadways. And Green Up Day itself is a big family affair – I see many kids cleaning their nieghborhoods along with their parents. I have every hope that the anti-littering message is getting through to our kids.” ~ former East Montpelier town coordinator Paul Erlbaum.

“By late afternoon on Green Up Day, people were coming in to the drop-off where I was asking where they should go because they couldn’t find trash to pick up! One of the challenges here is still finding enough spots for people to clean and spread out. Green Up in Waterbury is as popular as ever for participation.” ~ Waterbury town coordinator

“Green Up Day epitomizes the essential nature of Vermont…..the only state in the nation where, one Saturday a year, citizens from its towns and cities come together, united in their desire to do what they can as individuals, friends and neighbors to make their roads and public lands shine pristine again. It is our responsibility to cherish and preserve our strong civic values and pass this tradition down the generations.” ~ East Montpelier coordinator Chris Racanelli.

“St. George is the smallest town in the state. We do not have a school or a post office. Town Meeting and Green Up Day are the only community events we have. In St. George, Green Up Day is important. It supports community building, civic engagement, environmentalism and fun, all in one package.” ~ St. George town coordinator

“I believe this was the largest statewide voluntary citizens’ effort ever organized in Vermont. It greatly enhanced the pride of Vermonters in their state. It inspired many Vermonters to refrain from thoughtless littering on their highways. It set the stage for continuing cleanup programs that have given Vermont a national reputation for having the cleanest roads in the United States. It also set the stage for the passage of the bottle bill and a long list of other environmental legislation that has earned Vermont a name for itself as a state where its residents care passionately about their land.” ~ Governor Deane Davis, from his autobiography.

Businesses and Organizations who Green Up!

Below is a sampling of photos of businesses and groups who are Greening Up. You can email your photo to, along with the name of your group or business and we will add it. 


Cabot Creamery Cooperative

VT Coffee company 2016

 Vermont Coffee Company


Instrumart 2016





 Dealer (2)

Union Mutual 2016

 Union Mutual of Vermont

VT Mutual photos (2)

Vermont Mutual Insurance Group



Union Comm Connection kids 2015 (1)

Union Community Connection Kids – afterschool program Union Elementary, Montpelier



NorthCountry Federal Credit Union employees sprucing up Shelburne Farms.

NorthCountry Federal Credit Union employees sprucing up Shelburne Farms.


Community Sailing Center 

VSECU 2012 (6)


Nat Life 2012 (6)

National Life Group


 Vermont Gas

Vermont Gas

Turtle Fur 2016

 Turtle Fur