To take part in Green Up Day, click here to find out who your Town Coordinator is!

                                                                          A message from Vermont Coffee Company:

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The Vermont Department of Health would like to remind Green Up Day volunteers to Be Tick Smart! Click on the icon to enlarge it. Visit the Vermont Department of Health’s website for more information.


Green Up Day is about removing litter from the 15,793 miles of Vermont’s local town roads. VTrans picks up litter from Vermont’s 2,707 miles of State Highway. VTrans would like to remind volunteers that the busy State Highways are best left to the professionals, and to focus your clean up efforts on Vermont’s town roads. You can visit the VTrans Operations Website this spring to see their progress, as they map it!

Congratulations to our overall poster design winner, Alyssa Barrett. Alyssa is a 12th Grader at Montpelier High School. Her teacher is Barbara Austin-Hutchins. Great job Alyssa and Barbara!

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Visit our contest winners page to view all the winning posters.

Download the 2014 Green Up Day poster:  2014 poster download

The 2014 Writing winner is Kylie Dunshee, Grade 7, Hinesburg Community School. Her is teacher is Barb Spaulding. Here is her winning essay:

Green Up Day

Green Up Day is an important day to everyone. Green Up Day helps our planet to be cleaner and helps our planet to go into a positive direction. If we just let clutter build up disease could start or animals could go extinct from eating the clutter. If we continue to have Green Up Day our world will begin to be less cluttered every year. Green Up Day gets everyone in a positive mood to make the world a cleaner place. In conclusion, Green Up Day is a great tradition to make the world cleaner, hopefully one day there will be no more littering and everyone can throw away their trash responsibly.

Green Up Vermont is non-profit organization responsible for Green Up Day’s continuing success. We are looking for new businesses to support it. The sponsorship printing deadline has passed for this year, but donations of any amount are welcomed, and please consider becoming a Green Up Day partner for 2015! Individuals can also help support by donating securing online through our Donate Now page. We are a non-profit organization so participation and donations make Green Up Day happen!

Great News! Your Legacy: Making a planned gift to Green Up Vermont. Green Up Vermont has partnered with the Vermont Community Foundation (VCF) to offer Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts and other planned gifts. See VCF’s Planned Giving Partnership webpage to learn more.