Scroll down to see the contact information for your town coordinator, organized by county and then by town.

Be safe out there on Green Up Day! Wear brightly colored clothes, sensible shoes, gloves, and sunscreen. Be tick smart and wear long pants, avoid tall grass, and check for ticks when you arrive home. Download more information on safety here: Safety Rules

ADDISONADDISONStarr Phillips759-2421santphillips@gmavt.netCall Starr to Pick up bags, call beforehand. Drop off at AHC behind the Church. There will be a Town dump truck parked there all weekend from Friday PM to Monday early AM.
ADDISONBRIDPORTBridport Town Clerk Valerie Bourgeois758-2483bridporttown@gmavt.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
ADDISONBRISTOLDavid Rosen453-5655Pick up bags during the week before Green Up Day at Town Office.
ADDISONCORNWALLRoth "T" Tall462-2003ahmic@shoreham.netBags available at the Town Office, volunteers highlight the sections they will clean up on map posted at Town Hall. Bring bags to School Parking Lot, where 2 town trucks will be parked.
ADDISONFERRISBURGHDeb Healey475-2944lumiere@gmavt.netBags available 2-3 weeks prior at Town Clerk's office during business hours and on GU Day at Ferrisburgh Central School from 9-10am, and by personal delivery by calling Deb. Drop off at the sand pile across from Town Garage all GU weekend.
ADDISONGOSHENDave Sabatini247-6350sabatini@sover.netGreen Up Day BBQ for all volunteers 12-2pm.
ADDISONGRANVILLEDaniel Sargeant / Charlene dsargeant@granvillegeneral.comBags available at Town Clerk's office. Bring full bags to the Fire Station on Green Up Day.
ADDISONHANCOCKJill Jesso-White767-4128jesite@myfairpoint.netMeet at Hancock Town Hall at 9 to get assignments. Bring bags back at 12 to town hall. Bring gloves/rake. Lunch served at 12.
ADDISONLEICESTERKate Briggs249-5305kate_briggs@msn.comCookout and Raffle Prizes. Encouraging pellet stove owners to reuse their pellet bags for GU Day.
ADDISONLINCOLNDawn Mikkelsen453-7029dawnyanks@gmail.comClean up (and drop off) from 8-11am. 11-1pm drop-off and lunch.
ADDISONMIDDLEBURYPeg Martin388-7697pmartin@middlebury.eduFree ice cream to all volunteers. A free raffle ticket for each child who collects a bag of trash.
ADDISONMIDDLEBURYCharlotte Tate443-5795tate@middlebury.eduBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
ADDISONMONKTONJanet Kimball453-2675kimballsvt@comcast.netMonkton Maples distribute bags at the Hall on GU Day. Take trash to Town Recycling Center, where there will be signs for sorting metal, tires, etc.
ADDISONNEW HAVENSuzy Roorda / Cassidy Roorda 453-5978 cscasam@gmavt.netPlease come to the Town Green between 9 and 11 on GU Day to register for a road and pick up your bags, gloves, safety tips and updates, and free bottled water, sunscreen and bug spray. Please leave full bags along roadsides for the town crew to pick up on Monday.
ADDISONORWELLCindy Watrous948-2751Pick up bags at Town Clerk's office, Buxton's and Orwell Gas & Go. Drop off on Green Up Day, 8-3pm.
ADDISONPANTONLouise Giovanella759-2529louiseg@gmavt.netBags available prior to GU Day at the Town Clerk's office. Leave full bags along roadsides or at the Town Garage.
ADDISONRIPTONWarren King388-4082kinglet@together.netPick up bags at Town Office, Ripton Country Store, or the town shed on GU Day. Drop off bags through the following Saturday at town shed. Food at Town Shed on GU Day.
ADDISONSALISBURYBenjamin Fuller747-0600 x52658benjamin.fuller@libertymutual.comBags available at Kampersville Store on GU Day 8-10. Limited bags also at town office and landfill. Volunteer truckers pick up bags throughout the week following GU Day, so leave bags on major routes.
ADDISONSHOREHAMKurtis Prouty897-5459shorehamfire@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office and Library. On GU Day at Firehouse 9-12. Drop off bags at Red Barn next to Firehouse in a big pile. Scrap metal is usually accepted too.
ADDISONSTARKSBOROMarcia Perry434-2462mjmperry@gmavt.netPick up bags at the Town Office, Jerusalem Corner Store, and Horse N Rebel Market. Drop off at town garage 8-3pm on GU Day.
ADDISONVERGENNESMike Daniels877-3691mhdaniels@gmwireless.netBags available a few days for GU Day at City Hall or on GU Day from 7-12 at City Park.Volunteers are asked to leave bags near intersections of city streets.
ADDISONWEYBRIDGEMegan Sutton545-2475msutton@addisoncentralsu.orgBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
ADDISONWHITINGRebecca Bertrand632-6325 or 349-9468brycebecky@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONARLINGTONDonna Squires375-6680kdsquires@myfairpoint.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONBENNINGTONBennington Subaru 527 N. Bennington Road (Bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Bennington Subaru. Refreshments provided for all volunteers!
BENNINGTONBENNINGTONRJ Joly442-1037rjoly@benningtonvt.orgPlease call the Town Office to register for Green Up Day. They will provide you with bags, however, number is limited so please call early.
BENNINGTONDORSETJohn Lareau362-5231lwsforestry@earthlink.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONDORSETKim Rizio The Long Trail School867-5717
BENNINGTONLANDGROVEAndrea and John Ogden824-3716treasureroflandgrove@gmail.comMeet at Town Hall for bags. Donuts for volunteers! Bags should be dropped back off at Town Hall.
BENNINGTONMANCHESTERBill Drunsic362-1513wdrunsic@nerr.comMeet at VFW GU Day morning for bags and assignments.
BENNINGTONPERUBarbara Petra Peru Town Office824-3065peruassistclerk@myfairpoint.netRefreshments for volunteers, pick up bags at Town Center (Tues & Thur 8:30-4). Drop off in Town Center parking lot. Call for assignments.
BENNINGTONPERUMargaret Cobb Peru Town
BENNINGTONPOWNALHap Percey/ Bark Schlesinger823-5644 office 379-1470 Trans. Stat.pownallisters@comcast.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's office or Transfer Station. Drop off at Transfer Station 8-4 on GU Day.
BENNINGTONREADSBOROJody Berard-Kemp423-5223brrdkj@aol.comBags at Gazebo 9-1 on GU Day, refreshments provided by American Legion. Let Jody know where you are cleaning up and she will make sure bags get picked up. If done on a different day bring bags to the Bandstand.
BENNINGTONSANDGATETown Office 375-9075Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONSEARSBURGPete Janovsky464-8081josiekil@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONSHAFTSBURYKaren Mellinger447-1950Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONSTAMFORDJames LaMothe413-672-8624jameslamothe@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONSUNDERLANDJames Ennis and Diane King375-1232sunderlandvt@comcast.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
BENNINGTONWEST RUPERTKim Perkins394-7848briankim_perk@yahoo.comVolunteers meet at 9am at Sherman's Store. Bags can be picked up at the store. Filled bags can be dropped off at the town dump or left on the roadsides at major intersections. Large items should be reported to the coordinator. Refreshments provided at Noon at Sherman's Store.
BENNINGTONWINHALLDavid Glabach297-2159dglabach@myfairpoint.netCookout for all GU Day volunteers.
BENNINGTONWOODFORDRon Higgins442-4895Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CALEDONIABARNETGrace Gershuny633-4152gracegershuny@gmail.comPick up bags at Post Office, town clerk, stores. Drop off at Fire House after 10am, with picnic at Noon, provided by donors.
CALEDONIABURKEPriscilla Aldrich / Cathleen Feeley467-3717burke@burkevermont.orgBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CALEDONIADANVILLEBarb Machell748-5248Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CALEDONIADANVILLEShannon Pelletier535-6818
CALEDONIAGROTONNancy Spencer584-3717spencernn@earthlink.netBags available a week ahead, and a week after in case of bad weather, available at the Town Hall and the Library. Bring full bags to the Town Hall parking lot for pick up.
CALEDONIAHARDWICKMarie LaPre' Grabon472-6908m.lapregrabon@gmail.comPick up bags at Town Office and Gagnon's Video before Green Up Day and at the drop off site on GU Day. Drop off trash at Town Fire Station 9-3.
CALEDONIAKIRBYTracy Sherbrook748-4625fishguts@kirbyvt.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office during business hours Tues. and Thur 8:30-3:30, or call Tracy.
CALEDONIALYNDON/ LYNDONVILLELyndon Town Office626-5785dawn@lyndonvt.orgPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office. Drop off at large dumpster behind the municipal office building.
CALEDONIANEWARKAndy Aldrich467-1073aaldrich@pshift.comContact town coordinator for bags and information.
CALEDONIAPEACHAMLauren Collins592-3053collinslauren25@yahoo.comCoffee, donuts, GU bags available 7:30 to 12 on GU Day at Elem. School. Picnic at noon at Elem. School. Return filled bags to dump trucks at school on Sat. or to transfer station afterwards.
CALEDONIARYEGATEMakayla & Darryl Perkins584-4710ddmperkins@yahoo.comPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office or at coordinator's house. Drop off at Town Garage.
CALEDONIAST. JOHNSBURYSaint J Subaru 220 Memorial Drive (Bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Saint J Subaru. Refreshments provided for all volunteers!
CALEDONIASHEFFIELD/ WHEELOCKSteve Amos626-5561ansesvt@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office, Sheffield Transfer Station, and any of the posted warning bulletin board locations the week prior to GU Day. Bags can be left along roadsides or brought to Transfer Station 8-5 on GU Day.
CALEDONIASTANNARDEvelyn Rich / Michelle Rich533-2628jr88247@yahoo.comPick up bags at the Town Office. Drop off there as well on GU Day, 9:30 to Noon. Lunch served at Noon.
CALEDONIASUTTONSutton Town Office467-3377duffyogden@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CALEDONIAWALDENAaron Persons563-2308persons1234@fairpoint.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CALEDONIAWATERFORDLaura and Howard Remick748-4034llremick@gmail.comPick up bags at Fire Dept. starting at 8am, return bags to Fire Dept. by 12, BBQ for all volunteers at 11:30.
CHITTENDENBOLTONTony Barbagallotonyb@renewedresource.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CHITTENDENBUEL'S GOREMaura McClure453-4430mauramcclure@gmavt.netContact Maura for bags.
CHITTENDENBURLINGTONJennifer Green865-7532jgreen@burlingtonvt.govGo to CEDO website for more details about Burlington's Green Up Day!
CHITTENDENBURLINGTONBurlington Subaru 333 Shelburne Road (bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Burlington Subaru. Refreshments provided for all volunteers!
CHITTENDENCHARLOTTEJoe Gallagher734-2854joe-gallaghervt@gmail.comPick up bags at the Charlotte Central Quonset Hut, Town Hall, Spears Corner Store, Old Brick Store. All trash should be brought to the CCS Quonset Hut on Green Up Day.
CHITTENDENCOLCHESTERTim Moran862-9807greenup2015@gmail.comBag distribution at Police Station 8-12pm. Rotary sponsors free Hot Dog roast for all volunteers at noon. Bags can be left on the roadsides or brought to bag distribution site.
CHITTENDENESSEXAlly Vile802-878-1342avile@essex.orgBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Thank you to the 240 volunteers who came out and cleaned up 2.8 tons of trash on Green Up Day 2013.
CHITTENDENESSEX JCT.Mary Tewarson878-3035Pick up bags at Village Office, Library or Parks & Rec. office. GU Day, pick up bags at 5 Corners 9-12.
CHITTENDENHINESBURGPhil Pouech482-2060ppouech@gmavt.netBags available at Town Hall and Library. Town Hall open at 8:30 on GU Day for bags and info. Bring full bags to Recycling Center 8:30-3:30 on GU Day or secured on roadside for pick up. BBQ lunch for volunteers at Noon at Town Hall.
CHITTENDENHINESBURGRocky Martin482-2289 x229
CHITTENDENHUNTINGTONHeidi Racht434-2032huntingtonclerk@gmavt.netPrior to the day, residents can sign up for specific roads with the clerk and pick up bags the day before. On Green Up Day, the Scouts will have tables at the Town Garage with bags, maps and refreshments. Bring full bags back to the truck at Town Garage.
CHITTENDENHUNTINGTONTamara Kushwaha Boy Scout Troop 645
CHITTENDENJERICHOAnn Faryniarzjafaryniarz108@comcast.netPick up bags and sign up for a road at Town Hall or Jericho Country Store. Drop in for GU Breakfast 8:30-10 on GU Day at Comm. Center. Bring full bags to Town Garage from 10-2 on GU Day.
CHITTENDENJERICHOJ. Brooks Buxton434-8699
CHITTENDENMILTONJacob Hemmerick891-8016jhemmerick@town.milton.vt.usBags available prior to GU Day at town office, limit 5 bags, or GU Day, 8-12 at Pavillion. Hot dogs, drinks, and snacks back at Pavillion at Noon. Bring bags to Town Garage or leave bags along roadsides.
CHITTENDENRICHMONDErnie Buford434-6324ebufordvt@gmail.comPick up bags at town office before Green Up Day.
CHITTENDENSHELBURNEAlice Lissarrague985-5237alice.lissarrague6@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office and Shelburne Supermarket. Filled bags may be left in the town dump truck at Turtle Lane beginning on Saturday morning.
CHITTENDENS. BURLINGTONSarah Dopp985-3581sarah.dopp@vtmednet.orgPick up bags at City Hall, 575 Dorset St., Wed to Saturday. Drop off ALL trash at City Hall, on Saturday 8-2. Refreshments provided.
CHITTENDENST. GEORGEMary Alice Favro578-5328bfieldsgoshen@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office the week before or contact Mary Alice. Meet at Town Hall to pick up/drop off bags and enjoy refreshments 9-11am. All bags will be collected between 11-11:30 that morning.
CHITTENDENUNDERHILLJames Beebe-Woodard Underhill Conservation Comm.310-2125greenupunderhill@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
CHITTENDENUNDERHILLTravis Beebe-Woodard375-4033
CHITTENDENWESTFORDMark Peloquin233-6417mark_peloquin@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the town dumpster.
CHITTENDENWILLISTONJennifer Murray878-6704 x4jmurray@willistonvt.orgPre-register and pick up bags the week prior at the Planning & Zoning Office. Leave bags along roadsides.
CHITTENDENWINOOSKICorey Mack858-231-2322mack.corey@gmail.comPick up bags at the Block Gallery; drop off bags on intersection corners for pick up or at the DPW facility. Coffee provided.
ESSEXBRIGHTON Island Pond Chamber of
ESSEXCANAANWayne Washburn266-7893Call Wayne for Green Up bags. Leave full bags on the side of the road, or talk to Wayne about where to bring them.
ESSEXCONCORDDonna Paquette695-8139donnanlinc@myfairpoint.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
ESSEXEAST HAVENDollinda Lund467-3200dollindal@hotmail.comMeet at the Comm. Bldg. At 10am for bags and routes. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers. Bring bags to recycling center in East Haven.
ESSEXGRANBYReg & Deb Bunnell328-2191bunnelldeb@ne.rr.comThe town supplies hot dogs, chips, soda/water and the coordinators supply a homemade dessert for all volunteers at noon.
ESSEXGUILDHALLSam Swope676-3797townclerk@guildhallvt.orgBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
ESSEXLUNENBURGPatricia Scott892-5959lunenburg01@live.comPick up bags, gloves, water at the town office. Cookout in the Lunenburg park at noon, prizes given out at noon. Fun for all! Leave bags along roadsides or bring to Transfer Station.
ESSEXMAIDSTONESusan Irwin676-3210maidstoneclerk@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Leave bags along Route 102 or roadside along Lake Maidstone.
ESSEXNORTONKenn Stransky822-9935townofnorton@myfairpoint.netPick Up bags at the Recycling Center.
ESSEXVICTORYDawn Peters328-4087dawn.peters@wildblue.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Leave bags along roadsides or bring to Town Garage.
ESSEXUNITED TOWNS & GORES Unifed Towns and Gores Gina Vigneault / Bobbi Magoon723-5900utgoffice@myfairpoint.netCoordinating the towns of Averill, Avery's Gore, Lewis, Ferdinand, Warren Gore, Warner's Grant. Bags available at the UTG Office.
FRANKLINBAKERSFIELDRachel Huff827-4464shookenhuff@gmail.comBags available at town clerk's office but please coordinate with Rachel as bags will need to be delivered to NWSWMD directly, no pick-up.
FRANKLINBERKSHIREJoAnne Wazny933-7187Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINENOSBURGTown Office 933-4421enostown@myfairpoint.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINFAIRFAXLindy Carpenter849-6711Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINFAIRFIELDAmanda Forbes 827-3261 Bags available at Town Clerk's office and bags can be left along roadsides or bring to the dumpster at the Town Garage.
FRANKLINFLETCHERDavid Clark849-2260Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINFRANKLINLisa Larivee/ Sara Rainville Town of Franklin285-2101townoff@franklinvt.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office or at school. Leave bags at major intersections or bring to Fire Station in town.
FRANKLINGEORGIARob Meader Georgia Conservation Commission309-3384robmeader2000@yahoo.comBags available at Town Hall, Library, Georgia Market. Please bring bags to NWSWD on Green Up Day from 9am-1pm.
FRANKLINHIGHGATEApril and Cole St. Francis868-4860aprilstf@comcast.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office or from coordinator. Full bags can be left along roadsides or brought back to the Town Office.
FRANKLINMONTGOMERYEileen Oktavec326-2054Bags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINRICHFORDDebra Foote848-3993dfoote57@hotmail.comBags available at Town Hall. There will be a dumpster at the Town Garage Wed or Thurs before GU Day. Bags can be brought there or left on the roadsides. Town crew will pick them up the Monday after.
FRANKLINSHELDONPaulette Bocash / Mary Lussier933-2524tc@sheldonvt.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINST. ALBANS CITYSt. Albans City Office524-1500s.krupp@stalbansvt.comBags available at City Clerk's Office.
FRANKLINST. ALBANS TOWNJennifer Gray527-8346adminast@comcast.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office, prior to GU Day, Mon-Fri 8-4. Leave bags along roadsides.
FRANKLINSWANTONCamille and Samantha Freeman868-2404camillef1127@myfairpoint.netBags, waterand gloves provided at Swanton MunicipL Bldg. 8 to 12. Drop off is at the Town Garage until 4pm. Lunch provided at noon for volunteers. Rain or shine, be prepared for the weather.
GRAND ISLEALBURGHAmy Erno Mashtare796-3270amashtare25@outlook.comBags available at the Transfer Station during business hours the week before GU Day. Bags can be left on roadsides for pick up. Lunch for volunteers at noon.
GRAND ISLEGRAND ISLECheryl Vantine372-8830Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
GRAND ISLEISLE LA MOTTEIsle La Motte Community Organization Charles Gurney928-3081Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
GRAND ISLENORTH HERO North Hero Recreation Committee Berney and John Skutel825-1120bskutel@gmail.comGreen Up Day Celebration at Camp Ingalls! Sat. May 2nd. Bags available at town office. Bring bags back to Camp Ingalls and stay for a noon "cookout Celebration!"
GRAND ISLESOUTH HEROS. Hero Town Office372-5552southherotc@AOL.ComBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
LAMOILLEBELVIDEREThad Tallman644-8236thadjoditallman@yahoo.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
LAMOILLECAMBRIDGEJustin Marsh730-2383marshvt@gmail.comPick up bags at town clerk, Hanleys CVM, Aubuchon 1st week in May. Leave full bags on Main Rd. for pick up on Monday.
LAMOILLECAMBRIDGELucy Higgins Cambridge Conservation
LAMOILLEEDENAnita Gagner635-2735cveareden@myfairpoint.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
LAMOILLEELMOREWarren and Kathy Miller888-2296elmorestore@gaw.comBags available at the Elmore Store.
LAMOILLEHYDE PARKTown Offices - Ron Rodjenski888-2300 ron@hydeparkvt.comBags available 1st week of May at Town Office - 344 Route 15 West. Leave bags along town road for pick up.
LAMOILLEJOHNSONJen Stefanski635-7568jennifer.stefanski@jsc.eduGreen Up bags available at Town Office leading up to GU Day. Bags are available at the Town Green from 8-2 on GU Day. Refreshments and raffle for volunteers.
LAMOILLEMORRISTOWNRonald Stancliff888-3661rlstancliff@pshift.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Leave full bags along roadsides for pick up by the Morristown Hwy Dept.
LAMOILLESTOWETom Jackman - Conservation Comm.253-2705tjackman@townofstowevermont.orgMeet at Sunset Grille starting at 8am on GU Day for bags and refreshments. Bags must be brought back to the Grille by 1pm. You must notify either the Cons. Comm. Or the Hwy Dept about larger items.
LAMOILLEWATERVILLEWaterville Town Office644-8865townofwaterville@myfairpoint.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
LAMOILLEWOLCOTTRichard Lee888-4064reallee2344@gmail.comBags are available at Town Clerk's Office, the Library and Transfer Station. Bring bags to Transfer Station Sat. or Sun., or leave well-secured bags in a visible area along the roadside.
ORANGEBRADFORDBarbara Kulzych222-5123shady.hill@myfairpoint.netBags available one week prior to GU Day at Bradford Academy. Bring bags to Memorial Field, behind BA.
ORANGEBRAINTREEMandy Garvin728-6457garvins@hughes.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORANGEBROOKFIELDBonnie Fallon276-3105bonniebfallon@gmail.comYoung families, please circle the first Saturday in May in green ink on your calendars and come out and Green Up! Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office or the school. Bring bags to the Town Garage.
ORANGECHELSEABeth Ann Finlay685-3451bethann.finlay@gmail.comPick up bags at area stores, Green Up your road, drop off bags at transfer station or participate in G U Day - meet at 9:30 Basketball Court. Bring gloves and proper footwear.
ORANGECORINTHTown of CorinthBags available at the Town Transfer Station the weekend before GU, or town offices during office hours, or call coordinator. Drop off bags at Transfer Station on GU Day 8am-1pm.
ORANGEFAIRLEECarol Colby333-4059davidcolby@myfairpoint.netBags available week before Green Up at Town Clerk's Office. GU Day, volunteers meet at Fairlee Community Church at 10am. Bags can be dropped off at the Fairlee Comm. Church between 10 and 1 on GU Day. Refreshments provided.
ORANGENEWBURYConnie Philleo / Claude Phipps866-9008here4now@sover.netBags available from coordinators and also available at the Newbury Village Store. Bring bags to Newbury Common on Green Up Day.
ORANGEORANGEKathie Felch / Lee Youngman479-2673kfelch@orangevt.orgBags can be picked up at Town Clerk's Office. BBQ for volunteers at 12:30. Please leave bags along roadsides or bring them to **New location** the Town Garage at 144 Richardson Rd.
ORANGERANDOLPHStephen Wright (Roadside litter only please!)728-4375swright@uvm.eduBags at Town Hall, local stores prior to GU Day. On GU Day at Town Hall 9-12. Tie up bags and leave on roadsides for Monday pick up by road crew. Please use GU bags for roadside trash only.
ORANGESTRAFFORDDori Wolfe765-4632dori.wolfe@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office or at Coburns General Store. Bring bags to the South Strafford Park N Ride 9-12 on GU Day. Popsicle coupon for each child who brings in a bag.
ORANGETHETFORDScott Knowlton, Public Works785-4679publicworks@thetfordvermont.usBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORANGETOPSHAMDonna Otterman439-6252dlotterman@yahoo.comVolunteer sign up sheet available at Town Meeting or email me to sign up. Bags available prior to GU Day. All GU bags must be taken to Transfer Station on GU Day only, 7:30 to 12:30.
ORANGETUNBRIDGEEdward Howe889-3750Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORANGEVERSHIREMarc McKee685-3147marcmckee@yahoo.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORANGEWASHINGTONPaul Beede883-2355Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORANGEWEST FAIRLEEJulie Pick up bags at Town Office, drop at Recycling Station behind Comm. Bldg anytime on Sat & Sun (helpers there 8-11 Sat).
ORANGEWEST FAIRLEECarolyn Floryan333-4193
ORANGEWILLIAMSTOWNLiesl Wulfflwulff@msn.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Leave bags along obvious roadsides for the town to pick up during the week following Green Up Day.
ORLEANSALBANYTown Clerk's Office755-6100Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORLEANSBARTONOzzie and Judy Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Leave bags along roadsides or bring to dumpster at Town Garage on Route 5.
ORLEANSBROWNINGTONJeannette Poirier754-6080sbfarm1989@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Drop off bags at town office 8-4 on GU Day.
ORLEANSCHARLESTONColleen Kellogg723-5225colleen@northwoodscenter.orgPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office, Scampy's Deli, Post Office, or Northwoods Stewardship Center. Truck will be at the Town Office for drop off of bags and found tires.
ORLEANSCOVENTRYJennifer Mason / Stephanie Currier754-2288 (town office) (town office)Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the landfill.
ORLEANSCRAFTSBURYYvette Brown586-2823craftsbury@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Bags can be left on roadside on Friday or drop them off throughout the weekend at the Town Garage.
ORLEANSDERBYLaura Carpenter323-1483
ORLEANSGLOVERGlover Town Office525-6227Green Up bags available at the Town Clerk's office.
ORLEANSGREENSBOROValdine Hall 533-2911townclerk@greensborovt.orgBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the Recycling Center behind Town Hall.
ORLEANSHOLLANDMichele Craig895-4971mikened@myfairpoint.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the Holland School.
ORLEANSIRASBURGTown Office - Roger Gagnon754-2242irasburgtc@comcast.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
ORLEANSJAYSally Rivard988-4786wjrivard@comcast.netPick up bags at 8am at Jay Town Hall. Enjoy muffins, juice, coffee and conversation before you head out. To volunteer or "claim your area" call Sally.
ORLEANSLOWELLJenn Blay461-3787jenniferblay4@gmail.comBags are available at the Town Clerk's Office and the School. Bring bags to dumpster at Town Clerk's Office Wed. before through the following Wednesday after GU Day.
ORLEANSMORGANTammy LaCourse673-8521tammy_lacourse@yahoo.comBags available at the Morgan Country Store. Bring bags to the dump or contact Tammy if you canít get there.
ORLEANSNEWPORT Andrew Cappello334-6345newportrecreation@gmail.comPick up bags and routes at 10am at the Garnder Memorial Park skate shack. Light refreshments provided.
ORLEANSTROYTerri Medley Shannon Bowman802-988-2663townoftroy@comcast.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office. Drop off bags at the town garage or leave along roadside for pick up.
ORLEANSWESTFIELDYves Diagle Recycling Ctr Coordinator744-2428townofwestfield@comcast.netStop by the Recycling Center to pick up and drop off your Green Up bags.
ORLEANSWESTMOREMidge Gallagher525-3401Bags available at Community Center 9-12 on GU Day. A town truck collects the bags. Pizza lunch at noon.
RUTLANDBENSONDaphne Bartholomew537-2611jlbenson@shoreham.netBags available at the two stores, town office and transfer station. Leave bags along roadside and the town crew will pick them up.
RUTLANDBRANDONGail Barr353-2910brrgila@aol.comRefreshments for volunteers available from 8-10 am in the town park. Bring bags to the landfill in Brandon.
RUTLANDCASTLETONJulie Finnegan468-5197fike2ski@gmail.comBags can be picked up at Slate Valley PT on Route 4 next to the Iron Lantern or call the coordinator to arrange delivery. Bring bags to the transfer station or leave along the roadsides in pile for pick up.
RUTLANDCHITTENDENSara DeCubellis483-6868pixie1208@aol.comPick up bags at the Church of the Wildwood from 8-12, enjoy free coffee and donuts. Leave bags along roadsides for pick up.
RUTLANDCLARENDONRebecca Mandolare775-1536mandolare@gmail.comBags available at Town Hall, Chippenhook Ballfield and Clarendon Post Office. Leave full bags along roadsides for pick up.
RUTLANDDANBYTrudy Hodgin446-7038Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
RUTLANDFAIR HAVENBonnie Rosati265-4529bonniefhpd@yahoo.comBags are distributed on Green Up Day at the north end of of the Town Green from 8-12. Bags can be left along the roadsides.
RUTLANDHUBBARDTONJanet Morey273-2105jmorey2@shoreham.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office, Town Garage. Drop off at Town Hall on Monument Hill.
RUTLANDIRACacky Ayer-Duffner235-2345renfud@comcast.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
RUTLANDKILLINGTONDeb Burke422-3623RBurke4771@aol.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
RUTLANDMENDONSarah Tully775-1662mendonadmin@comcast.netBags available at the town clerk's office. All volunteers welcome to clean up where you would like. Bags can be left along roadsides but we ask that you let the coordinator know so we can manage our efforts effectively. THANK YOU for your help!!!
RUTLANDMIDDLETOWN SPGHilary Solomon235-1115hil_solo@yahoo.comPick up bags at the Town Green 8-12 on GU Day or call the coordinator for bags to be delivered to your house. Drop off bags at Transfer Station. Refreshments provided.
RUTLANDMOUNT HOLLYLynne Herbst259-2823lherbst@vermontel.netCome to the library starting at 9am for bags and road assignments. Green up Sat & Sun, leave bags on roadsides and town crew will pick them up Monday. Free lunch 12-1 for all volunteers donated by Belmont Gen. Store.
RUTLANDMOUNT TABORMt. Tabor Town Office293-5282mttabor@vermontel.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to Mt. Tabor Transfer Station Tues. 3-5pm and Sat. 9-2pm.
RUTLANDPAWLETJonathan Weiss268-0022jon@truthandsoul.netPick up bags town hall, library, stores, and post office. Leave full bags at intersections.
RUTLANDPITTSFIELDEliana Ruben746-8613eruben@sharonacademy.netPick up bags starting at 8am at Town Clerk's Office. Drop off there when you are done. Refreshments provided, call Payton if you would like to bake some refreshments.
RUTLANDPITTSFORDRandy Adams483-6500 x17recreation@pittsfordvermont.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Please bring full bags back to the Town Offices.
RUTLANDPOULTNEYJonas Rosenthal287-9751poultneymanager@comcast.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the Transfer Station.
RUTLANDPROCTORJim Moore459-2837jim.moore2@gmail.comBags, bug spray and good company at the Library parking lot, 8 to 12. Town crew picked up the bags.
RUTLANDRUTLAND CITYKinney Subaru 176 Route 7 South (Bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Kinney Subaru. Refreshments provided for all volunteers!
RUTLANDRUTLAND CITYRutland City Office773-1800Bags will be available at the City Office one week prior to Green Up Day and from 8-12 on Green Up Day. Bags can be left curbside or roadside for pick up.
RUTLANDRUTLAND TOWNByron Hathaway773-8128rthighway@rutlandtown.comBags at the Town Office or at the Transfer Station on the Wed. before GU Day or on GU Day. Bring bags by 12pm to Transfer Station on GU Day. If left on roadsides, call and leave a message where bags are located.
RUTLANDSHREWSBURYCarol Calotta492-3589ccal912@yahoo.comPick up bags, select route, breakfast at Town Hall 8-10. Garbage sorting (bottle, cans, plastic) from 10-1 at Transfer Station.
RUTLANDSUDBURYLarry Rowe623-6432upyonder@shoreham.netBags available at the Town Office. Bring full bags to the Recycling Center on or before Green Up Day, where volunteers will sort them.
RUTLANDTINMOUTHDoug Fontein446-2928djfontein@gmail.comDIY: Pick up bags at Town Office. Official GU: 9-11am meet at Transfer Station, free ice cream and prizes afterwards.
RUTLANDTINMOUTHNelson Jaquay446-2367
RUTLANDWALLINGFORDCarol Macleod446-2658gsmacl@hotmail.comPick up bags at the Wallingford Rotary from 9-11:30. Drop full bags off at Transfer Station on Saturday until Noon or Monday during open hours 12-3.
RUTLANDWELLSKellie Sykes287-9762kelliesykes@aol.comMeet at the Town Hall at 9am on GU Day for bags, coffee and donuts provided. After pick up, come back to the Town Hall for hot dogs and drinks. Leave bags along roadsides.
RUTLANDWEST HAVENLinda Garrison265-4131gcgw04@wmconnect.comCall Linda for bags, then leave on the roadside for pick up or bring to the dump, free of charge.
RUTLANDWEST RUTLANDRutland Town OfficesPick up bags at Town Hall at 9am. Leave bags along roadsides for town pick-up. Refreshments for volunteers at noon at Town Hall.
WASHINGTONBARRE CITYDoug LaPointe Spaulding High School476-4811 x2115dlaposhs@u61.netBags at City Clerk's office, Spaulding HS, Merchants Bank, ReStore. Leave bags on roadsides, city workers pick up bags for 3-4 days after GU Day.
WASHINGTONBARRE TOWNBrenda Lafirira476-8104Bags available at Town Office. Leave bags along roadsides. BBQ/picnic at noon on GU Day for volunteers.
WASHINGTONBERLINTwin City Subaru 142 Berlin Mall Road (Bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Twin City Subaru. Refreshments for all volunteers!
WASHINGTONBERLINThomas Badowski223-4405 x304zoning@berlinvt.orgPick up bags early at Town Offices or at Elem. School library. Refreshments and bags Sat morning 8-12. Bags may be left along roadsides or put in the dumpster at the Town Offices.
WASHINGTONCABOTGary Gulka563-2284Gulka@fairpoint.netPick up bags at Town Office, drop off at fire station 9-2 on GU Day.
WASHINGTONCALAISFletcher Dean456-8924fletcherd@hotmail.comBags available at town stores and Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to recycling depot, Moscow Woods Rd., 9-12 on GU Day. Do not leave on roadsides, they will NOT be picked up.
WASHINGTONDUXBURYAudrey Quackenbush244-7512audreyq@myfairpoint.netBags available at the Town Office, Duxbury Country Store, and a private residence to be announced on the No. Dux. Group Site. Drop off bags at the Town garage, railroad pull-off on River Rd., or pull-off leading to the track/recreation field immediately across from Harwood Union H.S.
WASHINGTONEAST MONTPELIERChris Racanelli225-6032jumpinracflash@gmail.comBags available at Town Office. Free community lunch for all volunteers. Drop off bags 9-3 at East Montpelier Elem. School.
WASHINGTONFAYSTONNicolle Migneault496-2083rmigneault@aol.comGreen Up bags placed at street intersections a few days prior to GU Day. Last bag pick up is Monday morning by the road crew.
WASHINGTONMARSHFIELDTony and Pat Mayhew426-3849Contact Tony and Pat for bags. Bring bags to Town Garage on School Street from 9am on.
WASHINGTONMIDDLESEXBarry Goodman229-1095bmggood@aol.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office
WASHINGTONMONTPELIERMontpelier Alive Sarah Jarvis223-9604director@montpelieralive.orgBags are picked up at our registration table at the Farmer's Market and full bags can be left curbside for the DPW to pick up.
WASHINGTONMORETOWNMike Dimotsis496-2812dimotsisjane@yahoo.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Leave along roadsides for pick up.
WASHINGTONNORTHFIELDTown of NorthfieldBags available starting at 9am on GU Day behind firehouse. Return bags to firehouse by 12, light refreshments.
WASHINGTONPLAINFIELDBecky Buchanan479-4326beckyb60@gmail.comPick up bags at the Rec Field from 9-12. Deliver full bags, debris, tires, etc, to Town Garage until 3pm.
WASHINGTONROXBURYClaire Chomentowski485-7779woopiect@gmail.comPick up bags at Claire's house or Town Office, leave by roadside. Activities at Comm. Center all day, free picnic at Firehouse at noon.
WASHINGTONWAITSFIELDValerie Snapp496-2280valsnapp@gmail.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Leave bags along roadsides by 10am on Green Up Day.
WASHINGTONWARRENWarren Town Office496-2709clerk@warrenvt.orgBags available at town clerk's office and East Warren Market. Bag drop off at Earthwise Transfer Station, or the East Warren Market 9-1 on Green Up Day, along with a few other sites.
WASHINGTONWASHINGTONPaul Beede883-2355Bags available at Town Clerk's Office, Robert's Country Store, or the Library. Full bags can be brought to Fire Station 8:30 to 12 on GU Day. No household trash please!
WASHINGTONWATERBURYLisa Scagliotti244-1444lscagliotti@comcast.netBags at town clerk's office, library & Sunflower Market. Drop-off at town garage 8-4 on G U Day, Guptil Rd. No household waste, haz. waste or electronics. Bag returnables separately, if possible.
WASHINGTONWOODBURYPatti Garbeck / Janine Gallagher456-1540patti@vtlink.netPick up bags at town clerk's office & Woodbury Village Store. Drop off at Woodbury Elem. 8-12 on Green Up Day.
WASHINGTONWORCESTERColleen Kutin229-0173clumpykut@yahoo.comGet bags at dump week before and/or on Green Up Day. Pick an area you want to do or contact coordinator for areas that need attention. Leaves bags on roadsides or bring to dump on Green Up Day.
WINDHAMATHENSLynn Morgan869-2227jelpmorgan@yahoo.comSign up for # of bags at Town Meeting and they will be delivered before GU Day. Leave full bags and large debris along roadsides for pick up.
WINDHAMBRATTLEBOROBrattleboro Subaru 230 Main Street (Bag pick-up and drop-off)Green Up bags available at Brattleboro Subaru. Coffee and donuts 8-12, Cookout at Noon for volunteers!
WINDHAMBRATTLEBORORobin Rieske: Elliot St. Cafe, corner of Elm & Elliot And also Exit 1 Parking lot: Helene Henry 254-6983 Jane King 257-5082275-7232Prior to GU Day bags available at Chamber of Comm. Bags available on Green Up Day at Elliot Street Cafe (8-12) and Exit 1 Parking Lot (8-12) and Brattleboro Subaru 8-12. Refreshments available.
WINDHAMBROOKLINELynn Reinhardt & Archie Clark365-4710l.e.s.reinhardt@gmail.comBags available at the Town Office 1 week prior to GU Day. Leave full bag along roadsides but email me the locations so we can drive around and pick them up. A.S. Clark provides the truck and pays for disposal.
WINDHAMDOVERLori O'Hern348-7810lohern@doverschool.netMeet at Dover School at 9 for bags and assignments. Lunch 11:30-12 at the Dover School. Leave bags on roadsides or take to the dump.
WINDHAMDUMMERSTONMark Brown258-0832markwbrown@juno.comMeet 9am Dummerston Center Church. Bring picnic lunch to eat on the Common.
WINDHAMGRAFTONWilliam Brown Grafton Improvement Association843-2523bbrown@vermontel.netBags can be picked up at the Town Office and then brought to the Town Garage where we have dumpster and ice cream for volunteers.
WINDHAMGUILFORDElly Majonen257-4067ellymajonen@yahoo.comBroad Brook Grange 8:30-5, bags available. Bring full bags to Grange until 5. Separate tires & metal. Refreshments all day.
WINDHAMHALIFAXTaralee Lane368-7303jtlane@myfairpoint.netBags available at Town Clerk's Office prior to GU Day, or 10-12 at the Halifax School on GU Day. Bring full bags back to the rear parking lot of the school. Refreshments served.
WINDHAMJAMAICATown Clerk - Pat Meulemans874-4681jamaicatownclerk@svcable.netBags available at the Town Office before and after GU Day. Bring bags to the transfer station from 8 to 4 on Green Up Day.
WINDHAMLONDONDERRYMaureen Cronin824-3782maureen4590@yahoo.comPick up bags at People's Bank, Clark's IGA, Town Office, Transfer Station up to 2 weeks in advance. Drop off on day of event to town trucks at Mill Parking Area, The Depot, or the Transfer Station.
WINDHAMMARLBOROCarie Kowalski254-2459themama4peace@yahoo.comBags available at Town Office and Elementary School. Town map in glass case outside Town Office, highlight where you will GU.
WINDHAMMARLBOROMarlboro Town Office254-2181
WINDHAMNEWFANELaura Bacon348-7891willvill123@gmail.comBags available at Town Clerk's Office. Full bags should be left on roadsides for Monday pick up.
WINDHAMPUTNEYDan Toomey387-5402dtoomey@landmark.eduA Putney Town Truck will be parked at usual spot next to Town Hall. 8am bags available all day. Take only what you need, full bags in back of truck.
WINDHAMROCKINGHAMEd Dinnany869-2397eds@vermontel.netBags available at Bellows Falls Town Hall or contact Ed. Bags can be dropped off at the Recycle Center or Fire Station in Saxtons River, and Town Garages in Bellows Falls and Rockingham.
WINDHAMROCKINGHAMDoreen Aldrich463-3964
WINDHAMSTRATTONLorraine Weeks-Newell896-6272syrup715@yahoo.com7:30 to 10:30am Town Hall open. Pick up bags, road routes, refreshments: coffee, juice and donuts.
WINDHAMTOWNSHENDHeidi Russ365-4712madsam@svcable.netBags available at Town Clerk and Elementary School week before and 9-12 on Green Up Day. Dump open until 3pm to take GU bags.
WINDHAMVERNONVernon Town Clerk's Office257-0292Meet at Rec Center Shelter @ 9am. Pick roads and go out. Refreshments and gloves provided. Pizza lunch at 12.
WINDHAMWARDSBOROJohn Densmore896-6178densfam5@myfairpoint.netMeet 8am at Town Office, homemade donuts, coffee, cider, fruit for volunteers.
WINDHAMW. BRATTLEBORONancy Barber246-0851nbarber38@comcast,netMeet on the Green in front of Fire Station 9am. Refreshments 9am-12pm. Leave bags along roadsides and curbs.
WINDHAMWESTMINSTERWoodbridge Fuller722-4114farenaud@comcast.netBags available at Westminster West Library and Westminster Town Hall. Leave large items on roadsides with Green Up Bag attached for Monday pick up.
WINDHAMWHITINGHAMAysha Wahlstrom 368-2807aysha@ayshapeltz.comMeet 9:30am Towne Hill, coffee and donuts from Jacksonville Store. Lunch by Whitingham Lions Club.
WINDHAMWILMINGTONKathy Larsen464-2263kdlarsen@myfairpoint.net9:30-10:30 pick up bags, get assignments at Buzzy Towne Park. Wear long pants, sturdy shoes,work gloves. Leave full bags along roadsides or put in truck at Town Garage. 11:30-12:00 hot dogs and soda for volunteers at Twin Valley HS cafeteria.
WINDHAMWINDHAMMarcia Clinton875-3531mclinton@vermontel.netPick up bags at Town Office week prior GU Day or GU at 9am at Town Office. Leave full bags along roadsides for town crew to pick up. Worker appreciation lunch at 12 at MTG House.
WINDSORANDOVERAndover Project Committee875-2765clerk@vermontel.netBags can be picked up at the Andover Town Office prior to GU Day or at Town Hall on GU Day. Bags can be dropped off at the Town Garage after roadside pick up on Saturday.
WINDSORBALTIMOREJoan Whaley263-5680mjwhaley@tds.netBags at Town Office. Leave bags along roadside for pick up Sat. and Sun.
WINDSORBARNARDJo Oliver-Yeager / Tony abraca2958@yahoo.comBags at Barnard General Store after 8am. Bring full bags to recycling center or the dump trailer at the BGS.
WINDSORBETHELDonald Hyde763-7675Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
WINDSORBRIDGEWATERPhil Wilkerson356-4104philwilk@vermontel.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office prior to GU Day or at 8am the day of.
WINDSORBRIDGEWATERGreg Jenne369-0352gjenneconstruction@gmail.comBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
WINDSORCAVENDISHRich Svec 226-7291rsvec@comcast.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
WINDSORCHESTERFrank Kelley 875-1706fjmkelley@gmail.comPick up bags at Town Hall, Chester Elem. Or the Chester Hardware Store. Bags can be dropped off in the dumpster at the town garage. Thanks for the help.
WINDSORHARTFORDMatt Osborn295-3075mosborn@hartford-vt.orgBags available at the Hartford Mun. Building M-F 8-5. On GU Day meet at 9am at Mun. Building for Conservation Comm. Clean up project. Bring bags to Municipal Bldg., Queechee Green or Hartford Recycling Center.
WINDSORHARTLANDGinny White436-2668gwhitevt26@gmail.comBags may be picked up at Damon Hall prior to GU Day or at 8am at 3 Corners Fire Station on GU Day. Free lunch at 11:30 at Damon Hall. Return full bags to Fire Station. Recycle containers available. Conservation Comm. hosts a writing contest.
WINDSORLUDLOWFrank Heald228-2841tmanager@ludlow.vt.usVolunteers meet at 9:30 at Ludlow Comm. Center in the morning for coffee and donuts. Afternoon BBQ for all volunteers. Everyone will receive a free t-shirt. Let coordinator know what roadsides you will be leaving bags on or bring to the Transfer Station.
WINDSORNORWICHThe Car Store 63 US Route 5 (Bag pick-up and drop-off)
WINDSORNORWICHAndrew Hodgdon/ Ryan Howes649-2209 Public Works 649-1192 Trans. Stationnorwich_highway@earthlink.netPick up bags at Town Clerk's Office or the transfer station. Bags will be picked up by Norwich Public Works along the roadsides. A roll-off is provided by Casella Waste at the Car Store in Norwich. Refereshments and t-shirts also available at the Car Store on Green Up Day.
WINDSORPLYMOUTHEric Johnsen672-3493 eehort@vermontel.netMeet 8am at Plymouth Municipal Bldg, sign in, pick up bags and a route, a free t-shirt or hat. Pick up trucks are also needed to haul trash back to Trans. Station. Meet back at Mun. Bldg. at noon, potluck, bring a dish to share.
WINDSORPOMFRETGaal Crowl457-1007gaalsheperdcrowl@gmail.comHeadquarters at Town Garage on Green Up Day for bags and bag drop-off.
WINDSORREADINGMarie Anderson484-3218mfkjanderson@gmail.comPick up bags at: Town Hall, Reading Greenhouse, Shaughnessy's Country Store. Full bags can be dropped off for free at the Weathersfield Trans. Station - no household trash please! Road sign up map at Town Hall. Treasure hunt for kids, look for coupons hidden under trash! Bring bags to the Weathersfield Transfer Station.
WINDSORROCHESTERSarah Chase767-9902Bags available at the Town Clerk's Office.
WINDSORROYALTONKathy Benson763-7967rselectman@bluemoo.netBags available at the Town Clerk's Office. Bring bags to the large trucks parked near the town green.
WINDSORSHARONFritz Weiss763-2474rossvall.weiss@gmail.comBags available at Town Office. Drop off at Town Garage 8-4 on GU Day. Refreshments provided, plants and bake sale at Town Garage. Community potluck and party at Seven Stars Center in the evening.
WINDSORSHARONPeter Lowes763-8745
WINDSORSPRINGFIELDJenevieve Johnson Chamber of Commerce885-2779springfieldrcoc@vermontel.netBags available at the Chamber of Commerce, 56 Main St. Leave bags along roadside.
WINDSORSTOCKBRIDGEJanet Whitaker234-5167hjmhhwhit@aol.comMeet at Stockbridge Central School on GU Day to get bags at 8am. Arrangements are made for participants to leave bags along roadsides. Refreshments provided.
WINDSORWEATHERSFIELDSteve Aikenhead263-5439steve@vermontel.netNeighbor Green Up Association meets at the Dan Foster House 9-12 on Green Up Day. Leave bags along roadsides, or bring to the Dan Foster House or take to the dump.
WINDSORWEST WINDSORTed Siegler236-2035ted@dsmenvironmental.comBags available at Town Office or at Albert Bridge School on GU Day. Drop full bags off at School from 8:30-3.
WINDSORWESTONKirby Foster824-6332Bags available at the Town Clerk's office. Bring bags back to the Town Office at 12 Lawrence Hill Rd.
WINDSORWINDSORHam Gillett674-5409hlgillett@gmail.comMeet at Fire Station at 8:30am for bags and routes. Drop off FULL bags at Town Garage by 1pm or leave along roadside. Bagels, juice, coffee before; Burgers, dogs and drinks after.
WINDSORWINDSORZach Husband Kelsey O'
WINDSORWOODSTOCKPhilip Swanson457-3456phil@townofwoodstock.orgBags available at Town Office.