2017 Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the 2017 Green Up Day Poster Design Contest winners!

Overall Winner: Hope Petraro, Grade 9, Montpelier.

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 2017 Grade Category winners:


Grade category K-4 winner: Misha Chirkov, Grade 2, Newbury



Grade category 5-8 winner: Graciana Maier, Grade 7, Sunderland



Grade category 9-12 winner: Perin Patel, Mt. Anthony Union High School, Grade 11, teacher – Jim. Cross.


2017 Green Up Vermont Writing Contest winners

Overall Writing Contest Winner: Isibeal Bohan, Grade 4, Bradford

Every year on the first Saturday in May, is a big deal to a big portion of Vermonters. This event has been going on since April 18, 1970. On the special day all Vermonters are gathered around to give our lovely state its spring cleaning. In our state people go on highways picking up trash that other people throw out their windows. Because trash on roads may seem like not a big deal but it can be really unsafe depending on the trash. People make fundraisers to encourage other people to clean up Vermont. Because we are good by ourselves but we are great together. People also wear t-shirts and wrist bands to show Green Up Day spirit. There are crowds of people all over Vermont participating in this event. Join us in our 47th Green Up Day. Because anybody can take part in making our beautiful state a better place and our nation an even better one.

Honorable Mention:

Our Earth Deserves a Random Act of Kindness by Nora Wooten, 6th Grade, Cornwall

                As our climate hurdles dangerously close to the point of no return, we all have to contribute to saving our Earth in whatever way we can. Whether it’s creating energy efficient technology, or walking down a state highway and picking up trash, our actions make the difference.

                At my school we are as eco-friendly as possible. From our garden we harvest organic produce to use in our kitchen, and we recently gifted a wind turbine. Every spring for Green Up Day, our entire school of eighty kids goes out to tackle the trash.

                The past fall, my sixth grade class built a “Loose Parts Playground” at our school. Using old birch logs, ratty twine, wood chips and hay bales – materials some would consider rubbish – we’ve made an interesting fort building area for kids to explore.

                As I’ve grown up and become more aware of our world, I’ve realized how much I care. In December, my sixth grade class learned about the “pay it forward” movement. Green Up Vermont is sort of like that; while Greening Up our Earth we are performing a random act of kindness – for ourselves, our Earth, and our future.

Honorable Mention:

   Green Up Day Vermont  By Calvin Carbee, 6th grade, Newbury Elementary, Teacher: Geraint Jones

In Vermont the landscape is beautiful, the lakes are glamorous, the mountains are elegant, the rivers are magnificent and all of that is what Green Up Day is for. It is to preserve the best of Vermont and is for keeping the beauty. When I keep the state clean, it makes me feels like I’m making a difference in the world.