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Dinosaur Days! To celebrate our 45th Anniversary there was a special project to create a large Dinosaur on the State House lawn. The project also related to the new Universal Recycling Act 148. Thank you to students from Union Elementary School and Main Street Middle School, both located in Montpelier, who helped by attaching most of the bottles. Greenosaurus was on the State House lawn in Montpelier through June, and and then he was at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center until October 18! He was right out front, at the main entrance. ECHO recently went plastic bottle-free, so displaying the Dinosaur there for the summer was a perfect fit. Thank you to the ECHO Center!

“On behalf of all of us at ECHO, we would like to thank Green Up Vermont for Greenosaurus the Green Up VT Dinosaur! From the moment he was put up we had guests stop to take their photo with him. What a great ambassador for the waterfront! We believe that he has done more to draw guests to our front door (not necessarily inside but to the door) than any other sign or graphic that we’ve ever put up. What was perfect was that as an organization we had just become bottle free! Greenosaurus’s installation helped reinforce our mission. Thank you again for the opportunity to have him stationed at ECHO!” ~Linda Bowden

Visit our Dinosaur Days page for more information about the project.


Here is a video of the building of Greenosaurus:    

dino maria

Thank you to everyone who participated in Green Up Day!

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